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The Blockley Tyre Company

The Blockley Tyre Company’s objective is to produce the highest quality tyres with authentic appearance and handling characteristics for Vintage, Veteran and Classic cars to use on both the road and track.

Tyres manufactured for older cars are exempt from the legislation expected of tyres for more modern vehicles but despite this Blockley have chosen to attain:
  • Speed rating from S (113mph) to W (168mph); see individual tyre entries in our Shop for details
  • US Department of Transportation (DoT) coding for the manufacturing processes
  • European standard 'E' marking for all 15", 16" and the 600/650 x 18 crossply tyres and all the radial tyres in the range

The reason for voluntarily adopting these measures is to ensure Blockley Tyres maintain the highest standards of quality and performance. As far as we are aware Blockley Tyres are the only range designed for historic vehicles on the US market which are DoT marked.

Blockley Crossply tyres are the first range produced for pre-war (and early post-war) cars that are not only suitable for road and competition use but are manufactured to the highest standards of the industry as demonstrated by the high speed rating.
Blockley produce a full range of inner tubes and rim bands. Blockley Superior Tubes are available for road and race:
  • Road tubes - standard TR13 off-centre rubber valve
  • Race tubes - standard TR11 off-centre metal valve, except for the 350 x 19 which has a TR6 centre metal valve
  • the 400 x 19 tube is available with a TR6, TR11 or TR13 valve


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